With the increasing number of the covid-19 infected persons in Kenya, we decided to join in the fight against Covid-19 by engaging the Samba girls in a handwashing project. We’ve been able to set up several handwashing points in Nairobi, especially the slum areas where the girls stay.

Ever since the first case was confirmed in Kenya, rules imposed by the government to combat the virus’ spread affected football teams. Gatherings have been suspended, no matches are allowed, schools are also closed and with the increasing number of infected persons, there is no hope on the ban being lifted soon. Most people especially in Kibra are more concerned with getting something to eat, and clean water to cook and drink with rather than the fear of getting infected by covid-19 virus. With this programme, we are able to help combat the spread of the virus since they can now access clean water and soap to wash their hands with freely.

The Samba girls are stationed at different points; they ensure there is enough soap and that the tanks are refilled on time, they also help people by opening and closing the taps while they wash their hands. This project is also helping our team members to be busy so they won’t have time to indulge in any social vice. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting us and may God bless you.

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